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Just A New Banner Thingie :)

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Along with the new fun background had to re-do the friends only banner too!!

Friends Only!!

Yup Yup I am going to Friends Only, so if by chance you come across this and would like to be added, just let me know :)

Ok I am doing it too....LOL


Please click on the link below and enter your birthday for me. I am creating a birthday calendar for myself. Don't worry it is quick, and you don't have to enter your year of birth:-).



Finally got around to doing it....

Put a x in the box of your choice
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the scar you're most proud ofthe one inbetween my tata's, I got when I was 6, holding down a cat while your dad chops deer meat is a no no!!
your favourite condimentranch
if you have frecklesdon't have any
your preferred method of cookingbaking
what shoes you're wearingnone, just socks
how many children you have1
the first person you french kissedTJ
your preferred breed of dogBoxer
where you were bornTucson, AZ
what colour underwear you're wearingnavy thong
where your keys are right nowin my purse
if you have split endsjust got them trimmed
when you last got laidnight before last :D *Whoo Hoo*
your opinion on airline foodnot very good
what cosmetic surgery you would considerboob lift
best kiddie playground equipment to have sex onin one of those tunnel things maybe
your worst maladyhave a couple
if your mum loves your dada little part of her probably still does, divorced when I was 8
if you can sing wellummm no
what your olympic event would becouldn't tell ya
someone you admiremy mama
which country would be hardest for you to locate on a mapjust about anything 3rd world
the last time you crieda couple of days ago
your most interesting sexual congress locationparking lot
part of the Sunday papers you read firstusually the ads
the languages you speakEnglish, also took French in HS, can remember a few sayings, can say some naughty words in Spanish
the religion you were raised inChristian
if you can draw wellnot really
your favourite photographany of Riley
what you should be doing instead of thiswashing my dishes


Random Questions...lifted from Crystal :)

What is your biggest accomplishment so far in life? Definitely being a mommy!!!!
What is on your mind right now? brrrr it's so so cold in here and I have so much to do today LOL
What never fails to cheer you up? Dustin & Riley, those two can always make me smile or laugh! Doesn't matter what type of mood I am in, they can both do it
What is the last thing you said out loud? I Love You, Have A Good Day, to Dustin as he was leaving for work!
Have you ever had a near death experience?If so what happened? nope
Do you look young for your age? yup, sound that way too, specially on the phone! I am always asked, "Hi, is your mom or dad there" LOL LOL!!
What one thing do you absolutely hate to do? folding the laundry, cannot stand it sometimes!
What is the first thing you see when you wake up? Dustin, unless I am facing the other way, then it's the wall LOL!
What is your middle name? Marie
What is in your purse,diaper bag, pocket... whatever you carry your belongings in? wallet, cell phone, gum, like 4 different lip glosses, sunglasses, 2 pens, little calender thing from my credit union, digital camera, house key, key to my locker at work, b&b works hand sanitizer and cucumber melon lotion...and I think that is it LOL
How many piercings do you have?Where? my ears are pierced, tongue is pierced, used to have my eyebrow pierced before I had Riley
Tattoos?? not yet, but it's going to happen in January!!!

Ok Renee I am snatching it too :D

1: Piercings? ears and tongue
2: Tattoos? none yet- I plan on getting on in January on my lower back, have had it picked out for like a year
3: Height? 5ft 2in
4: Shoe size? 7
5: Hair color? brown
6: Siblings? Krista, 18; Matt, 16; Cody, 10; Lacy, 5
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